Future of Sports in INDIA

Hey everybody,
Happy Independence Day to all of you 🙂
On this wonderful day, I want to express my views on a topic “Future
of Sports in INDIA
It is the perfect timing to write this mail, as Olympics is going on
and every Indian is curious to know how many medals we win this year.
We expect some amount of medals from the people who are representing
India there, don’t we? WE SHOULD. After all, India has a population of
1.4 billion.
But are we right to expect “GOLD” medals from the sportspersons
representing India? Just give it a thought
I don’t think so.  Disagree of this? You might but truth doesn’t
change. We see great people like Usain Bolt , Phelps , Cristiano
Ronaldo , Lionel Messi , Roger Federer, “ETC ETC “, but how many of
them are from INDIA.

I know some of you must be thinking about our Indian God: Sachin
Tendulkar and you are right to do so. Isn’t this great- the best ever
player of CRICKET is an INDIAN? Why are we just stuck at cricket? The
daring yet elegant gymnast -Tripura girl Dipa Karmakar is an example
of India’s failure, hypocrisy and mediocrity. Most of the times I’ve
discussed this thing with the people around, I’ve got the same reply
Our Government doesn’t support this“. Well, I disagree. We now have
leagues for other sports too; Indian hockey League, Indian Super
League for Football and similarly for Badminton and Kabaddi.
In the past few years, people are getting aware of the fact that by
just cramming the books is not only the way to be successful. Still
something is missing, because results are still not there.
A “SPARK” is missing. That begins with “US” “YOU” “ME” and every “INDIAN”.
Why don’t we believe that we can be at the top of the medal tally?
Why don’t we believe that we can be the best?
Why don’t we believe that we can create history in sports?
It’s time we start having goals, rather than dreams.
It’s time we start doing what it takes to be the best SPORTS Nation.
It’s time we start letting our next generation choose what they want
to do for themselves and for our nation.
It’s time we start supporting those who have given their heart and
soul for this nation.
If I can inspire even a single person with this effort I will be
extremely happy.
But I refuse to believe that I can’t do anything in the progress of
this Massive Nation’s “GOAL”.
Whenever we were united for a single goal, we achieved. Our
Independence from the British rule is the biggest example of it. So
why can’t we unite again and create historical moments for our future

That’s all I wanted to convey.


Is there any way to make name and fame through football in India??  I don’t think so, this is almost impossible. People say that they know Mr. Baichung Bhutia , but do they really know him?? The answer is No. They have just watched him 10-12 times in some dance reality show.  It was this reality show which made him popular among the people of India , not his 100+ matches for our nation. This is what hurts me, and many thousands of football fans in India.

A very few people has heard of Sunil Chettri. He is the current captain of Indian national football team. He has scored 45 goals representing India, most by any Indian. Does he also need any reality show for what he has done ? Or he has to play for another decade for getting some credit for what he has done till now? In India football is played by some of the kids so that it will help them to get admission in some good engineering college through sports quota. Don’t believe this? Even Chettri started football because of this reason, but who knew he would become the finest footballer Indian soil has ever produced. So , once this thinking of Indian society  about football changes, we will see our nation right there with the names of Spain, England and Germany.

Once the government starts paying attention towards the development of football in India, Indian football will rise and that time no football team would be able to stop us.  India is a country with population of over 1.5  billion , we just have to love, accept and live football. Even Mr. Nelson Mandela eradicated racism from South Africa with the help of this beautiful game called football. So why don’t we play this game and help in the growth of our nation? The best news I’ve ever heard being a Indian football fan is that the FIFA U-17 World cup being held by India. This is the first step in beginning of the era of football game in our nation.  This is history in making. This not only will generate awareness about the game among the people of India but will give an opportunity to the young guns of our team i.e U-17 players. These will be the players who hold the key to the future of Indian football. They should not be burdened but inspired by this responsibility. At the end i would like to say good luck to India for this under 17 world cup and as always i will keep believing that there would come one day when I’ll see the name of our nation on the top of FIFA rankings. – Abhimanyu Dhiman

Football in India